10 Factors that Affect Water Damage Restoration Costs in Florida

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What are the Common Causes of Water Damage?

Top 10 Factors Affecting Water Damage Restoration Costs

The leading question after water damage has occurred is how much will it cost to restore the property? There are several factors that impact the costs involved with water damage restoration.

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ServiceMaster by Wright’s certified technicians offer free on-site water damage assessment.  Call us now at (239) 431-9947

1. Size of the Affected Area

The larger an affected area is, the higher the costs to repair it.

2. Amount of Water

The first step of water damage restoration is water removal and extraction and the volume of water that must be extracted has a direct impact on the cost of repairs. Water spreads horizontally then vertically. Deeper water affects more structures and contents than shallow water. ServiceMaster by Wright Technicians utilize water pumps, dehumidification equipment, and moisture-absorbent materials which impact water damage restoration costs.

3. Type and Source of Water

A leaky HVAC unit may go unnoticed and if left alone for too long, can stimulate mold and mildew growth requiring mold remediation and increased costs. On the other hand, floodwaters can cause immediate widespread damage, requiring floor replacements, wall repairs, etc. A small sewer backup may not cover an enormous area but will require special treatment due to the presence of Category 3 water.

There are three categories of water that damage a property.

4. Time

Untreated water damage escalates problems and costs over time.

5. Area Of The Property Damaged

Different parts of properties require different types of work.

6. Types of Materials Affected

The materials of items affected by water have differing levels of water resistance. Some items can be dried and salvaged, while others may have to be disposed of and replaced, increasing water damage restoration costs.

7. How Accessible Is The Damaged Area

Some areas are difficult to work in, such as crawlspaces and attics, which make restoration work more demanding.

8. Mold Removal

As water sits, mold growth occurs. If mold removal is necessary, water damage restoration costs increase as additional time will be required to eliminate the mold from the area. Cleaning and sanitizing will also be necessary.

9. Location

The cost of living in your area will affect water damage restoration costs. If your property is in a humid climate, dehumidifying will require more time and effort, thus increasing costs.

10. Repairs and Reconstruction

Generally, property owners prefer repairs over replacements in order to save money and materials. However, repair isn’t always an option. Reconstruction is necessary when:

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Water restoration is as complex as it is crucial. That’s why it’s so important to call the experts at the first sign of trouble.

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