How to Recover Quickly from Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida

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Hurricane Ian is one of the strongest hurricanes to strike Florida in recent decades. It caused significant floods and a life-threatening storm surge of 12 to 18 feet in certain coastal locations, prompting evacuation orders or advisories in eight counties.

Almost 2 million people were without electricity. Hurricane Ian is one of the worst hurricanes to ever strike the Sunshine State.

This post will guide you on how to recover from Hurricane Ian and restore your property to its pre-damage condition.

1. Stay Safe While Cleaning Up After the Hurricane

You may have a lot of work to do after you get home to get your house back in decent condition. Always put safety first:

Get the debris out of your yard to be able to assess the damages beneath. Connections America is offering property clean up services call now at (239) 297-8794.

2. Contact Your Insurance Provider

The majority of the proof supporting your claim will be gone if you do not move immediately. You should immediately snap images and movies before the conditions change. It might take the insurance months to review your paperwork, and you need new documentation of the harm.

Ensure that you do not lose any of your receipts for out-of-pocket expenses. When you are unable to stay in your damaged home, your insurance coverage may give benefits for hotel or alternative housing, meals, and travel. Place any receipts, credit card slips, and other documentation in a gallon-sized resealable plastic bag.

Keep copies of any estimates for repairs, appraisals, inspections, and other property evaluations. If you have to replace damaged clothing, furniture, or other personal property with new items, you should retain records of your purchases. In conclusion, you should prepare as though you would have to come before a judge a year from now and provide actual proof of all of these losses.

3. Contact a Licensed Electrician

A licensed electrician should be contacted to evaluate whether or not it is safe to restore power to a property after a hurricane. Contact a reputable Appliance Technician to check the affected equipment and assess what may be salvaged. It is suggested not to reconnect until this is completed. Frequently, homes will need rewiring and panel repair.

4. Check Your Gas System

It is possible for gas systems to develop a leak following a hurricane’s wind, rain, and storm surge. Due to the fact that even the tiniest spark might produce an explosion, this could be a major issue. Do not attempt to fix a gas leak yourself; instead, contact your utility provider immediately. Use a battery-powered flashlight and turn it on outside when inspecting your property, as the spark from turning on a flashlight might ignite a gas leak.

You may want to utilize a generator to power your tools, lights, and vital equipment while you begin the recovery process. Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning or electrocution by adhering to safety requirements.

5. Install Temporary Coverings to Avoid More Property and Appliance Damage

A tarp may protect the damaged areas from excessive water and wind, as well as prevent water from entering your property. Until a professional team of professionals can make repairs, a tarp installation can safeguard your roof for up to 90 days.

Example of Roof Tarp

6. Contact a Roofing Contractor for an Estimate and Roof Inspection

Calling a skilled roofing contractor is one of the most crucial measures to do following hurricane-related roof damage. The majority of quality contractors will undertake a free roof inspection, and they will be able to clearly identify areas of storm damage and provide an estimate of the cost.

7. Call a Tree Service to Remove Trees and Branches That Have Fallen

It may be required to remove damaged trees to make space for the structures and guarantee that the construction project is carried out efficiently and safely.

8. Call a Reliable Comprehensive Storm Damage Restoration Company in the Area

While waiting remove as much as water as you can. Restoration company offers water damage removal, water damage cleanup, packout and content storage, mold remediation, repairs and reconstruction. They will also help you to process insurance claims.

9. Dump Non-Salvageable Items

Unsafe food can make you sick despite the fact that it seems, smells, and tastes fine. Due to a power outage, perishable items that were not adequately chilled must be discarded. If your wet furniture is contacting other wet belongings, separate them so they can dry faster. Carefully remove wet throws and cushions from the sofa, as well as tablecloths and books from the tables and shelves. Keep your health and safety in mind when you clean your damaged furniture. Floodwaters can carry germs that cause disease, and breathing fungal spores can induce lung diseases and other harmful health effects, ranging from weariness to organ failure.

If your furniture has been damaged by a flood, you should wear gloves and periodically wash your hands before touching it. Consider additionally wearing goggles or a face mask. If you suspect objects have gotten polluted with sewage, contact a specialist immediately.

10. Contact Your Pool Cage or Lanai Screen Contractor for Repair

Contact your pool cage or lanai screen contractor to repair your screen to prevent further damage and to keep the bugs and insects come in.

11. Check Windows and Doors Whose Alignment Has Altered

Strong gusts can knock apart whole glass panes or window sashes. This is particularly true for bay and bow window panels. Ask windows installer to examine the surface for evidence of missing glass panes or fractures. Rarely will these cracks be followed by a number of minor dents if the cause is just wind damage. Moisture damage is less immediate than the other two forms of window damage, but it typically causes longer lasting issues. Window company will examine the window panes for evidence of condensation and water leaks around the joints. If water has gathered around the bottom edge of the frame, rust or decay may also develop.

12. Repair Your Drywall, Stucco, Metal Frame and Repainting

If you need to repair your drywall, stucco, metal frame and repainting, contact Smith Plastering of Naples, FL. “Timely delivery and quality of service”. Smith Plastering, Inc. since 1997 has been locally managed and operated as a family owned business. They specialize in exterior and interior finishes of homes such as stucco, drywall, painting, and metal framing