The Complete Guide to Swordfish Fishing in Stuart, Florida

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Catching a swordfish can be one of the greatest accomplishments even a seasoned angler can experience. Why? Fishing for swordfish off the coast of South Florida has rebounded in recent years due to restrictions on longline fishing.

Swordfish have become one of the most desired and sought-after gamefish in the world. Swordfish are chunky, beefy, and powerfully-built fish. Known as the “Gladiator of the Sea”, it can be found in deep waters throughout the world. However, Stuart, FL area has become the hot spot for chasing the Gladiator of the Sea.

Most fishing charters in Stuart, Florida offer Swordfish fishing. Swordfish offers an unsurpassed offshore challenge while deep-sea fishing out of Stuart, FL.

Method Of Swordfish Fishing

Daytime Swordfishing

Daytime Swordfishing has quickly grown to become the preferred way to catch Swordfish off the Florida coast for many anglers, especially here in Stuart, FL. Some anglers have been innovative in perfecting their own Swordfish tactics and have met with great success. Not all Swordfish Fishing Charters offer daytime swordfishing though. Given the swordfish is a nocturnal fish.

Night Time Swordfishing

Another preferred method for fishing for Swordfish is fishing for them at night time. Being a nocturnal feeder, swordfish rise from the deepest depths during the night and make their way towards the surface to feed. Seasoned anglers deploy 4-5 baits (squid, ladyfish, Bonito, strips) at depths ranging from 75-300 ft below the surface. Lights are put on the line close to the bait to help attract other bait to your bait with a hook.

As the light draws the bait in the live bait draws the Swordfish in. When the Swordfish scares all the live bait away your bait is left and usually inhaled.  A balloon with a light stick on top of it acts as our bobber and is what we monitor throughout the night to see if we get a bite.

Swordfish Fishing in Stuart, Florida

If you want to enjoy your Stuart, Florida Fishing Experience, then a Stuart swordfish charter is the right choice for you. The Hate 2 Lose Fishing Charters fleet has extensive experience catching swordfish at night time, and during the day, off the coast of Stuart, FL.

They also developed their own technique to catch swordfish during the day. The swordfish that they have caught during the day are typically larger than your nighttime swords.

If you intend to catch one of the fiercest, toughest, and best-eating fish in the Stuart, FL area, book your Stuart, Florida Charter Boat Trip and experience an amazing Stuart, Florida Charter Experience!

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