What To Know About Child Custody In Florida

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When a married couple undergoes a divorce, certain matters need to be thoroughly discussed to make the process beneficial for both parties and most especially for any children involved.

Try to remember the choices you and your ex make now will affect your child’s development and your relationship with the child for years and years. While the best interests of the child can be difficult to quantify, some factors which may determine best interests include:

Dealing With Child Custody Issues

The laws vary from state to state, so it’s important to talk with a qualified, experienced divorce/paternity lawyer when dealing with types of child custody issues. Getting the Florida child custody help and advice you deserve is as easy as filling out the form on this site or picking up the phone and giving us a call. Atty. Mellany Marquez-Kelly from Marquez-Kelly Law will fight for your child custody rights. Don’t leave a decision this important to chance – get help from a proven winner, a true professional, speak to a Florida child custody attorney. 

If the divorcing parties have disagreements regarding child custody/parental responsibility, then the matter will have to be decided by the courts.

It must be understood that the same rules are applied by Florida courts. The child’s well-being and safety are considered first and foremost.

This is decided through an evaluation of some factors, which may include the parents’ ability to support the child;

Older children who are mature enough to make decisions for themselves can be allowed by the courts to make a preference.

Two Kinds of Custody in Florida

  1. Legal custody:  determines which parent makes larger decisions regarding the child’s life, such as education and disciplinary decisions.

  2. Physical custody: gets to be the one the child will live with. Parental responsibility also comes in two forms, sole or shared.

In Florida, shared parental responsibility is usually encouraged by the courts if possible, as it gives both parents the privilege to share care and support with their children.

Child Custody Attorney In Florida

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