10 Best Family Lawyers in Fort Myers, FL

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One of the most important things to ensure that your family law case will succeed is to consider availing the services of reputable, experienced, and professional Family Lawyers in Fort Myers, Florida.

Family Law is sensitive litigation involving matters, which are closely related to the parties’ emotions as they usually pertain to the differences of the parties concerning their relationships. This is so because it involves personal issues such as but not limited to the dissolution of marriageprenuptial agreements, paternitychild support and custody, marital settlement agreements, and other domestic violence.

Basically, the best Fort Myers Family Lawyers to hire is the one with the deep anchored experiences about the issue or the one who already handled similar cases in the past to a higher degree of complexities. This approach will determine whether or not the case will make or break the case.

If the Attorney does not have the intensive litigation experience about a particular divorce case, for instance, he or she will not be able to relate and sustain the case without emerging himself or herself into the emotional aspect of the situation. In comparison with the one that already handled several cases of divorce, this Attorney could surely provide both the legal and emotional support to the clients to pacify their depressed emotions but at the same time provides strong and sturdy legal assistance. The advantage of the latter is the fact that this lawyer has the clear blueprint already on how to carry out the basic and complicated undertakings concerning a family law case without anymore undergoing trial and error engagement.

In Fort Myers, there are several proficient Family Law Attorneys and the 10 most effective and popular ones are the following:

1. Douglas Evan Spiegel

His law practice is focused only on Family Law and equally distributes his time divorce and separation, child support, family, and alimony.

2. Theresa Daniels

Practices mainly on the wills and living wills, social security, child custody, divorce and separation, probate and estate planning

3. Eviana J Martin

She prioritized bankruptcy and debt cases, personal injury, family, and car accidents.

4. Guichard St. Surin

He practices exclusive cases on family, divorce and separation, child custody, child support and domestic violence.

5. John Dawson Mills

He handles divorce and criminal law.

6. Allan Thomas Griffith

He practices mainly on bankruptcy and debt, family estate planning, probate, and divorce, and separation.

7. Linda Holly Fried

She accepts cases on family, alimony, child custody, and divorce, and separation.

8. Michele Suzanne Belmont

She carries out divorce and separation, family, probate, wills and living wills and foreclosure.

9. Lisa Diane Haba

Criminal defense, family, immigration, and lawsuits and disputes.

10. Mellany Marquez-Kelly

These Family Law Attorneys are proficient as far as their respective fields are concerned. If we are going to evaluate each one of them, they have sufficient experiences about divorce and separation on top of the criminal law and bankruptcy cases.

However, only one of the above-cited Attorneys has the expertise on the real estate law, which is imperative for the process of bargaining during the dissolution of the marriage. That being said, only Mellany Marquez-Kelly has the working tool to professionally formulate plans and actions for the advantage of her clients in terms of equitable distribution of marital properties, which were obtained during the marriage.

Marquez Kelly


Professional Accomplishments

A piece of in-depth knowledge and skills on the method of undertaking an equitable distribution of the real estate as a result of the dissolution of marriage is an integral part of the divorce case that is always appended to it for resolution. In essence, if your Family Law Attorney is not trained on the advanced concepts of real estate law, he or she might always agree whatever might be advised by the adverse party without undertaking a smart or intelligent move to negotiate or renegotiate for the disadvantage of his or her clients.

In view of the foregoing, it is absolutely a sharp-witted move to avail the services of Mellany Marquez-Kelly, if you are in Fort Myers, FL or in the adjacent areas, in order to protect your real property rights and interests as well as to secure the future of your future family.