Why Hire a Professional Mold Remediation Company in Florida?

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Mold is a fungus that thrives in damp and dark places and poses health risks to building occupants. It usually stems from a recent water damage event, such as a broken pipe, a roof leak, or basement seepage. In as little as 24 to 48 hours, mold can develop; if not removed properly, it proceeds to destroy surrounding building materials such as wood or drywall and cause health threats.

Do-it-yourself mold removal can be tempting, but mold remediation is a job that is best done by professionals, such as the team of ServiceMaster by Wright. Here are some reasons why you need to call the experts when mold infests your home or commercial building.

What is Mold Remediation?

1. When it Comes to Mold, there is Often More than What Meets the Eye

2. Mold Can Be Dangerous

3. Mold Grows in Damp and Humid Conditions

4. Mold Remediation Must be Done Completely

5. Mold Remediation Requires Professional Involvement

It is unadvisable to perform a do-it-yourself mold project. Professional mold removal companies, such as ServiceMaster by Wright, follow a thorough process to remove mold, including:

What to Consider When Hiring Professional Help

Choosing a Professional Mold Remediation Specialist Company

1. Saves Costly Maintenance Expense

2. Proper Mold Checkup

3. Specialized Knowledge and Training

4. Tools and Equipment

5. Proper Mold Treatment

6. Saves Time and Effort

7. Keeps Family Safe and Healthy

Ask the Right Questions

Florida Mold Remediation Services?

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Cleaning Mold

The remediation specialists at ServiceMaster by Wright are skilled at mold remediation in Southwest Florida. As an established mold remediation company, we have the knowledge, resources, experiences, and connections to address even the most complicated mold problems. We offer mold remediation and removal services for both residential and commercial properties.

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