Types and Advantages of Water Leak Detectors

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Preventing major damages at home, most especially water damage, is always considered as one of the most arduous things for every homeowner. On top of that, contemplating which expert company to pass the challenge to is even more exhausting.

 comes up with all the services related to water damagewater removaldehumidificationstructural dryingmold inspection and remediation, and reconstruction from any storm or disaster. Aside from the mentioned services, we also extend proficiency by offering water damage restoration in Jacksonville, Florida.

Advantages of Water Leak Detectors

There are many advantages of installing water leak detectors in your property. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Water detectors or also known as water sensors, sound the alarm whenever there is water leakage at home. In these modern times, the water leak detectors can send a message to homeowners upon sensing excess water or moisture along the area.
  • The device systems allow temperature monitoring as well. In case there is an unexpected transition in the temperature, alerts will be received by the homeowner. This could be a convenient way of detection for .
  • You get to save your water bill! Leaky pipes, faucets, and other water storage units can drive up your water consumption without you noticing. Having these water leak detectors installed will notify you of the location of the leaks, thereby reducing water misuse and allowing you to save on your water bill.
Types of Water Leak Detectors

Here are the different types of water leak detectors that are most commonly used in buildings/commercial areas:

Flood Sensors

Flood sensors are probably the most common type of commercial water leak detectors out there, as they are highly economical and can be installed in a matter of seconds. This is usually placed in areas prone to flooding due to faulty water-based appliances and pipes. An alarm is sounded when the sensor comes in contact with water on the floor.

Flow Meters

In the event of a leak, abnormal deviations on inflow velocity, pressure, and vibration readings that indicate the escape of water are immediately captured.

These parameters are then analyzed to locate the crack and enable you to carry out the repair or maintenance necessary.

Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic sensors are usually utilized for leak detection along long water distribution lines. As the name goes, this sensor is used to listen for distinctive noise generated when water seeps through a fracture. The higher the frequency of the sound, the smaller the leak.

The Water Damage Remediation Process

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Call Us. When you call ServiceMaster by PWF in the event of a water damage emergency, our representatives will ask specific questions to help our teams respond faster to your water emergency.

We Assess. We deploy our nearest team of specialists who reach the site within a short time to inspect your property’s water damage.

Water Extraction.  In this step, we remove water using powerful pumps and vacuums. We try to start this process as soon as possible to avoid further damage and risks, such as mold growth due to the standing water.

After most of the water is removed from your property, our professionals use the latest equipment to blow out all the water stuck in places that are hard to reach through vacuums and pumps.

We Clean and Sanitize. Water can affect not only the structure, but also the contents of a building, such as appliances, furniture, closing, and personal belongings. Our specialists clean and restore items using different techniques.

We Restore. The last step in our water damage restoration process is restoring your property to its former glory. We assure you, everything will be back to its pre-loss condition.

ServiceMaster by PWF fully understands a homeowner’s need for proficientafter a damaging disaster. It’s the main reason why we emphasize on having only the top-end products and sustainable services.

At the same time, hiring us will surely save money for all the water damage restoration if you’re looking for a water damage restoration company in Jacksonville.

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