Tips to Protect Your AC During Hurricane Season in Fort Myers, Florida

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Just a reminder, it’s the month of June now! Yes…and so is hurricane season that goes along with it. People living in countries surrounding the Gulf of Mexico start to be wary of possible hurricanes that may devastate their homes. Aside from the Gulf of Mexico, the Northwestern Caribbean Sea is also a formation zone for hurricanes. The Florida Panhandle Region is mainly the victim of the hurricanes formed in these bodies of water.

As reported, this season could be an active one and as in NOW, is the proper time to start preparing your property for the upcoming hurricanes.  When it comes to property protection, one of the most important household equipment that needs to be cared for is your air conditioning system.

Compared to other household equipment like refrigerators, heaters, ovens, and toasters, your air conditioner equipment is vitally important and essential. Besides the fact that an air conditioner may provide healthy and clean air to your family, they are the source of your cool air for your relaxing moments on this Floridian humid climate.

Beneficially, air conditioning systems offer:

To avoid unnecessary damage to your AC unit during a storm, protect your air conditioning system ahead of time. The experts at Caloosa Cooling share some useful tips on how you can protect your AC system during hurricanes in Fort Myers, Florida: 

Before the Storm

Remember to off shut your AC system

With the possibility of the power to go on and off during the storm, it is best to turn off your air conditioning system as the power surges might damage its system that can lead to critical conditions like electrical-cause fires. 

Additionally, if you forgot to shut off your AC after a power outage, upon returning of electrical power and your AC restarts automatically, there is a possibility unit can be severely damaged. To ensure that your AC system is safe, you should shut the HVAC system off before the storm hits. 

Unplugging and removing of the window unit

With the strong winds and other storm forces weather, it is advisable to remove your window AC unit from the wall and close the window safely. As leaving the AC unit attached can damage not only its own system but also your home.

Backup generator preparation

Storms can possibly lead to power interruption for days and even weeks in the aftermath. Ensure your home with a backup generator in order to stay cool and possible usage of other appliances. 

Secure outside AC units with cover

To protect your AC units from water and flying debris damage, use tarps and specially designed AC covers to ensure the unit is securely intact during the storm to protect it from strong forces of wind and rain.

Collect loose debris

To ensure a safer environment around your house, walk around your property and search for things that can lead to possible risk before the storm hits, for example, loose hanging tree branches, risky large palm fronds, and plants that can be accidental threats to your property and can potentially damage your AC unit. 

After the Storm

Avoid turning on your AC immediately after the storm

Storms can possibly damage your air conditioning system. Turning on your AC immediately after the storm must be avoided at all costs. 

AC inspection is a must

To ensure that your air conditioning system is in its proper working condition, check your AC before using it, of course, once it is safe to go out only.  

Call your Caloosa Cooling electrician for a scheduled AC maintenance appointment

To ensure that your air conditioning system is in its proper working condition, check your AC before using it, of course, once it is safe to go out only.  

Considering you have doubts about your AC performance after the storm, request for a scheduled appointment home visit. It is recommended to have a physical visit for it is difficult to determine its problem through visual inspection alone. 

If unfortunate times did happen, and your air conditioning system is damaged, or you have second thoughts of its working condition, you can contact Caloosa Cooling, your Number One Fort Myers Air Condition Repair, and Air Condition Annual Maintenance company, at 239-226-0202 for your cooling system services in Southwest Florida.

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Need a chill? Be with Caloosa Cooling, Southwest Florida’s Premier Air Conditioning Replacement & Installation Company, more importantly, during this coming stormy season to help you with your Air Condition Repair, and Air Condition Annual Maintenance needs in Fort Myers, Florida.

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