The Different Types of Screen Enclosures

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In Florida, the climate is one of the reasons why screen enclosures in Florida or a pool cage addition in Florida is a very popular outdoor living space for most homeowners. Screen enclosures are available in standard and customized designs. With a customized enclosure fit to your specifications and your home design and architecture.

High-Quality Screen Enclosures in Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island, FL

If your Southwest Florida home comes with an outdoor space but you’re tired of struggling to keep it in the best shape possible, then screen enclosures from Aluminum Master LLC are definitely meant for you.

The technicians at  Aluminum Master LLC, are constantly designing and producing products that will simplify and improve your lifestyle. From pool cage design, lanai screen enclosurespool cage construction, and screen enclosures installation, screen enclosure repairs have been a favorite among our clients for years because they know that living in South West Florida comes with certain weather difficulties.

Not only can Aluminum Master LLC produce products that improve your lifestyle, but they also can better the lifestyle of your entire family.

Here are the types of screen enclosures:

Super Screen

  • A screen cloth that can withstand pressure and also is very durable.
  • Usually used for large screen installations such as patios, pool cages, and others. It is available in two mesh sizes:
    • 16/14 Mesh
      • In every square inch of the screen, there are 16 holes in one direction and 14 holes in the other. You can view the landscape clearly from your porch and be protected against bugs and other insects. Also, it blocks 30% of the harmful UV rays.
    •  17/20 Mesh
      • In every square inch of the screen, there are 17 holes in one direction and 20 holes in the other. The hole openings of the screen are smaller so it prevents little smaller insects from getting in your outdoor living area. 50% of harmful UV rays are blocked out.

Aluminum Screen

Used for doors, windows, porches, decks, and lanais.

Solar Screen

Installed in outdoor areas where direct sunlight strikes your backyard and to gain privacy while staying outside. It can block 75% of the harmful UV rays. It is ideal for room enclosures or patios.

Fiberglass Screen

It keeps out insects, allows proper ventilation, and does not crease. For best outward viewing use a charcoal color.

Aluminum Master LLC

  • We believe in designing products that work for your unique needs.
  • We understand that if you’re interested in purchasing a screen enclosure, your design requirements may vary from other customers.
  • We are more than willing to offer you exactly what you need. Not only can we set you up with custom-designed, one and two-story screen enclosures, but in the designing process, you actually have the option to choose among various styles.
  • We want to make sure that we are creating a product that will satisfy your individual needs so that you can feel comfortable with your purchase.

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