Returning Home After a Natural Disaster

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Water damage is even seen from the hurricane, many of which can send tons of rain. Northern Florida is no stranger to severe weather. Every year, residents face the risk of being struck by a natural disaster, particularly floods and water damage.

After the flooding, the work begins. Flooding causes extensive water damage, and failure to properly restore your home afterward can render it unsafe. We’ll take a look at how water restoration companies like  ServiceMaster by PWF make your home safe again after flood damage.

How Our Water Restoration Company Repairs Your Home

You’ve been displaced, and you want nothing more than to return to the home you love. However, what you may not realize is that there are unseen elements that can put the safety of your family at risk.

ServiceMaster by PWF  make sure these issues are all addressed. Some of the aspects of this kind of restoration include:

24/4 Emergency Response Service

  • temporary board-up
  • emergency water removal/pump-out,
  • temporary power and heating.
  • Experienced in roof repairs and stabilizing structures after disaster strikes, we ensure your business or home is completely protected from the elements and any further damage by tarping and boarding up exposed areas. 
  • We provide temporary storage to protect belongings after a fire so they remain dry and safe while a residence or business is being rebuilt.
  • If your property is damaged by both wind and heavy rain, we are experienced to pump out and remove excess water from flooded basements and other affected areas, using air movement and dehumidifying equipment to thoroughly dry the space. We have the equipment to sanitize, dry and deodorize carpeting and floors to restore them back to their original condition.

What To Do When You Return Home After a Disaster

Be Proactive about De-Stressing

This is a time of emotional and physical stress. Look after yourself and your family during cleanup and repairs.

Get the Essentials

When you shop or ask for clothing or personal items from relief workers, imagine that you’re preparing for a camping trip. Don’t forget

Follow Food Safety Rules

Your fridge may have been off for some time. Take precautions to avoid food poisoning.

Take Water Safety Precautions

Think of water in your yard as swamp water. Waterborne illnesses may be present.

Take Water Safety Precautions

ServiceMaster by PWF Treats Any Type of Situation

Whether your home has water damage due to flood or heavy rain, we offer the scope of water damage services that provide complete and comprehensive solutions. We treat your home as if it were our home. This means we want you to be back in your house as soon as it is safely possible to do so.
We offer: 

The Right Call When it Comes to Water Damage Restoration Companies

Has your  Northern Florida home flooded? We are the leading restoration company near you, and our dedication to customer service means our goal is to exceed your expectations. Make a call to the experts at ServiceMaster by PWF and contact us for a free estimate. Dial (866) 599-0871.