Outdoor Renovations that Increase Curb Appeal in Tampa Bay

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When speaking of selling a house, you aim to get the most money out of the sale. Maximize profit by doing some renovations. Remember, the exterior of your home is very important since its what buyers will see first.
Lanai Lights, your trusted outdoor LED lighting company in Florida shares 6 simple projects to help you with your outdoor renovations that will improve your home’s curb appeal:  

1. Highlighting Walkway

Another element that attracts possible buyers into a house is of course the walkway. Simply adding pathway lighting and plants to encourage an inviting feeling to a house. Lanai Lights LED Outdoor Lighting can be an alluring and a beauty enhancement outside your home including pathways, walkways, and driveways.

2. Upgrading Front Door

Improving or upgrading your front door enhances your home’s aesthetic beauty and value by a surprising amount. When buyers approach your home, the first item they notice is an outdated door, which can be turn-off.  A modernized door will attract people and help them experience the best home ever.  

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3.Improve Landscaping

A glimpse at your home wouldn’t be complete with the absence of landscaping around it. Another thing to improve your landscaping is by adding landscape lighting. Hiring a professional is the best way to do this efficiently. 

Tampa Bay Landscape Lighting will illuminate your home or business with our high custom products, and installation. If you have a captivating home exterior that you want to draw consideration to, add lights in front of your house and let landscape lighting Tampa Bay, do it for you.

4. Garage Door Restoration

Your garage door can elevate or lessen your home’s curb appeal significantly, make it as an attention-seeking object part of your house. If you opt to restore and replace the garage door yourself, this project might not be so simple, easy, and cheap.

A practical and economical attention-seeking strategy is painting your garage door with red, an attention-seeking color. However, if you aim to draw the eye away, paint it white or gray.

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5. Replace Obsolete Siding

Old siding is simply not glamorous. It’s a significant element to replace since it runs the length of your house. Replacing your old vinyl siding with the latest or modern vinyl siding will help make it stand out. To go with the trend, stone veneers are a better replacement option since its really popular right now.

At Lanai Lights, we can work with you to define your custom patio, pool cage lighting, and dock lighting.  Our products and landscape lighting installations will always meet code and ordinance requirements.

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6. Change the Roof

All of these renovations are not as effective if the roof looks old and worn. Broken and loose tiles should be changed; you may even consider replacing the whole roof since the latest replaced roof is a lovely selling point to buyers. 

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Considering you have plans to renovate your home’s outdoor lighting, we at Lanai Lights can help you create and design your new desired outdoor look.  We’ll surely create a lighting design that will provide highlights to your pathways, plants, new stone veneer, and any other elements that would benefit from outdoor lighting.

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