Impact Windows vs. Standard Windows: The Differences

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In areas prone to the rampage of the hurricane, real properties are damaged as the inevitable result of the disaster. 

To address the issue, the residential homeowners opted to build a much durable concrete house that can withstand the strike of the storm and minimize its resulting destruction. However, due to the strong pressure of the catastrophe windows and doors are jeopardized and suffer the impairment.

With the advent of the technology, the impact window was manufactured to replace the standard window to mainly withstand the force of the hurricane and prevent the adverse effects on the real property. 

Unlike the standard window that is made up of ordinary glass, the impact window is made up of two (2) unbreakable impact-resistant glass. An impact window is designed to resist the impact of the flying debris brought along by the hurricane that likewise prevents the build-up of the internal pressure that may seriously result in structural damage. 

Are impact windows worth the money?

Yes. It is only a natural response that the investment to be undertaken for the installation of the impact windows is worth the money. This is consonant to the idea that the safety and security of our loved ones are priceless. Though impact windows’ cost will be much higher than the standard windows, it will surely keep your family safe and sounds both from the rampage of the hurricane and against the intruders. 

Moreover, the installation of the standard windows will generate a higher overhead expense because you will definitely be changing your window glasses every time the storm strikes and breaks your windows. This occurrence will likewise bestow a stern burden to your budget and time.

Does impact windows increase home value?

The installation of the impact windows will ensure the safety and security of the homeowner and his family. To that effect, the fair market value of the residential home will assuredly upsurge.

Do impact windows break?

Yes. Impact windows are engineered to feature an impact-resistant attribute that is designed to withstand a wind speed up to 200 mph.

What wind speed can impact windows withstand?

Since an impact window is not deemed an impact-proof glass, it actually splinters when strike by a hurricane with a wind speed of more than 200 mph.

Are impact windows worth the investment?

The investment to be undertaken for the impact windows is definitely worth the investment. Not only it can protect your residential home from the destruction, but it can also free your family from danger.

What brand of Impact Windows is best?

The best impact window brand is Guardian Hurricane Protection. We are the trusted provider for both the residential homes and businesses in Lee and Collier County by offering an aesthetic window with the utmost protection that gives you the peace of mind you need.

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