How Water Damage Could Affect Your Carpet in Fort Myers, FL

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Indeed, you can only hope nothing wrong happens with your house when a disaster strikes, it is also equally important to be prepared for the worst. When a disaster strikes, from burst pipes, damaged appliances through storm flooding could be very devastating and it can create severe and costly water damage in Fort Myers, FL home.

When you think of water damage, you think it is not a serious problem, but it’s a serious one. The water inside your house could damage not only your property but also could cause serious health issues if not dealt properly. Carpet is one of the perfect places for bacteria to breed.


professional carpet cleaner from DG Cleaning and Carpet Care LLC has a variety of techniques to deal with embedded carpet contaminants. Deep cleaning your carpet will guarantee to remove more germs from your home.

How Water Damage Could Affect Your Carpet in Fort Myers, FL

Carpets soak moisture very easily,  depending on the amount of water that’s released on the carpet can:

  • Can take more than a week to dry even when put under the sun.
  • Can develop mold and mildew which is dangerous for you and your family.
  • Carpet fibers unravel when exposed to water that can collect moisture and the under-layers begin to breed mold.
  • If you leave the carper untreated, your carpet will develop small clusters of mold that look like brown/green spots.
  • Can be a  health risk for you and your family

 DG Cleaning and Carpet Care LLC bring over 30+ years of experience to Naples, FL, and the rest of Collier County. DG Cleaning and Carpet Care LLC cleaning specialists will give your home or business the utmost professional attention.


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The longer you wait to fix water damage, the bigger disaster you can have in your hands. It is important to remember that time is critical when dealing with water damaged carpets. So trust DG Cleaning and Carpet Care LLC to take care of all your water damage and carpet cleaning needs.

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