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Outdoor living space is an essential part of the home nowadays, especially in Florida, where the weather is near perfect the whole year. Having your backyard or front yard landscaped extends your living space where you can entertain family and friends for lunch and even dinners outdoors. But it will only be possible if your landscaped area is adequately lighted

As more and more customers find the value of an extended living area even during nighttime, the demand for lights installer companies also increased. Moving with the times, these companies have also adapted to modern lighting technology using energy-efficient LED lights instead of the traditional light bulbs. Below are five of the best LED lights installer companies you can find in Florida.

Florida Lighting Maintenance


Florida Lighting Maintenance services LED lighting upgrades and retrofits because they believe that LEDs offer outstanding durability, low heat output, five to ten times longer lamp life as compared to traditional bulbs. Installing LED lighting can give you savings by eliminating routine maintenance, changing bulbs less frequently, and low energy consumption.

Illuminations USA, Inc.


Illuminations USA, Inc. is a lighting company that services Central Florida and the surrounding areas with some of the most impressive lightscapes on grand entrances and pathways, gardens, and pools. Expert lighting installation is done using low-voltage LED lighting to add safety and beauty to your home or business. LED light is used as affordable and efficient lighting solutions.

Dynamic Lighting and Electric

Dynamic Lighting and Electric has been serving Brevard County, Florida, and Florida’s West Coast for 30 years. It has been providing beautiful and distinctive outdoor lighting for homes in these areas. And since LED lights are the latest thing in the electrical world today, they have adapted it into their installations because it is considered to be the most efficient lighting solution in the market. Changing to LED lighting may be one of your smartest investments you’ll make for your home or office.

Lanai Lights

lanai lights

Lanai Lights started in 2006 when owner Bob Steele was looking for a way to light up his dark lanai without having to light his neighbor’s, too. He looked for products that can be used outdoors, safe, low-voltage, and durable, but no product satisfied his needs, so he made his own. This interest in improving the quality of outdoor lighting grew into the industry that is Lanai Lights today. And keeping up with the times and modern technology, Lanai Lights have also shifted from the conventional light bulbs to the energy-efficient and durable LED lights.

Check out their selection of outdoor lighting products:

Lanai Lights has been serving Fort Myers, FL, and surrounding areas for their custom outdoor lighting needs using new LED lighting, which is also energy-efficient and turtle-friendly.

Lanai Lights has been serving Fort Myers, FL, and surrounding areas for their custom outdoor lighting needs using new LED lighting, which is also energy-efficient and turtle-friendly.

Telephone Numbers:

Tampa Bay/Lakeland Area813-437-4446

Orlando Area407-988-0479

Fort Myers/Naples Area – 239-208-0306

Port Charlotte/Bradenton Area941-787-5568

Palm Beach/East Coast954-716-8699

Having an outdoor living space that you can use day in and day out brings great benefits like longer bonding time with family and friends. Installing LED lighting by your chosen lighting company gives you this advantage of enjoying the comfort and beauty of your surroundings even at nighttime.

Enjoy your outdoor living space during the daytime and even at night with energy-efficient and durable LED lighting installed by your trusted LED lights installer experts.