Areas That Lighting Boosts Curb Appeal in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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We all want the best for our property. To have a huge property comes with the plan of landscaping, decorating, and lighting the place to make it look beautiful. Since you have invested in beautiful, high-end outdoor landscapes, don’t settle for basic landscape lighting that doesn’t showcase them properly. The right lighting does more than illuminate your landscape and your property’s curb appeal. It creates warmth, comfort, and improves the overall visual appeal of your home.

Taking the time for proper home exterior lighting can showcase your home and call attention to the features you love most, without making expensive changes to the structure of your home or yard.

Show off Your Landscaping with Lighting 

If you want your landscape, garden, and even that beautiful fountain to shine after dark, highlight them with the right lighting. Exterior lighting enhances all the other improvements you’ve made and improves your home’s appeal, even after dark. By highlighting your improvements with spotlighting and other custom touches, you can be sure you get the most from the investments you have made for curb appeal.


Outdoor Lighting Boosts Safety and Security

A good investment in outdoor lighting does more than just make your home look great. It can also make your home a less appealing target to potential burglars and those wishing to do you harm by illuminating your lawn and yard. It’s always better to light up the areas around windows and doorways to enhance the look of your home and boost your security as well.

By using lights to illuminate walkways and paths, you make your yard safe and easy to navigate. It’s more than crime prevention;  Your family and guests will appreciate being able to navigate the yard and reach your home without tripping.

Whether you want to enhance your curb appeal, show off the unique features of your yard and home, or even improve the security of your home and yard, outdoor lighting is a great help.


1. Entrance Lighting


When you have insufficient lighting in your entryway, it can be a blemish on your entryway appearance. When selecting lighting for entrances, you want to choose fixtures that match the style of your home, although you have some latitude to inject your own personal aesthetic, as well.

Entrance lighting should, first and foremost, provide functionality. In other words, you need to illuminate your doorways. However, your entrance lighting can serve double duty – it can also highlight architectural and landscaping features around your doorways.

2. Pathway Lighting


Even if entrances are illuminated, it’s still a good idea to provide some lighting along pathways (driveways, walkways, etc.) to ensure that nobody trips in the dark on their way to the door. This is as much for your benefit as your guests.

The good news is that the lighting you choose can also highlight your landscaping and add curb appeal to your property. Not only that but with options for solar-powered lighting you can also save some money on lighting these areas.

3. Accent Architectural Features


The style of your home will dictate the type and abundance of architectural features. For example, Victorian homes are much more likely to have prominent features like bay windows, spires, and other embellishments than, say, modern architecture that presents clean, simple lines.


4. Accent Landscaping


Most homeowners put a lot of money and maintenance into their landscaping, so the best thing to do is to show it off. Accent lighting can be used to artfully display your trees, bushes, flowers, or even large expanses of lawn. You can also create a park-like atmosphere, hang globe lights from trees, or otherwise turn your accent landscape lighting into a beautiful and artistic display.

5. Ambiance


Lighting is an excellent tool for enticing a great ambiance. When it comes to landscape design lighting, you definitely need to consider utility first, but you shouldn’t stop there. Take the time to consider the ambiance your lighting creates and your landscape could become the best setting for an after-dark BBQ or birthday parties as well as adding to your curb appeal.

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