10 Best HVAC Services and Air Conditioning Repair in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

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Can you imagine yourself living in Florida without an air conditioner? The 98 degrees outside with 75% humidity, pesky mosquitoes, and the sleepless humid nights are unendurable and unimaginable. That is why air conditioners are important and necessary in every home in Florida.

Considering you plan to install a new one, repair a damaged unit, or simply upgrading for a better air conditioner, the HVAC and air conditioning market of Florida has bountiful choices for you to choose from. And to help you save the time and difficulty in searching for the best HVAC services and air conditioning repair company in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, we listed and sorted below our reviews. 

As the majority of the companies below may offer repairs, they were also evaluated and inspected which encloses local reports, history, reviews, satisfaction, trust, price, and excellent performances. There are a lot of ordinary HVAC services and air conditioning repair company across the state, however, there is always a unique and exemplary company that stands out from the rest:

1.Caloosa Cooling


Air Condition Annual Maintenance



Caloosa Cooling is No. 1!  Exceptional and superb professionalism from them. Their sales engineers are thorough in explaining everything, from installation to troubleshooting. In fact, I had a memorable service when my unit broke down at 10 PM, and my ‘mother-in-law to be’, who is a heat-tolerant person, people who may feel hot when others feel comfortable or even cold was staying with us. I immediately called Caloosa even knowing the warranty period had lapsed and had second-thoughts that probably they have forgotten their old clients. But to my surprise, I was greeted courteously and was briefed thoroughly. After 30 minutes they arrived promptly. Johnny, their night-shift repair technician oriented us the problem and went to work. I was amazed after an hour he was done, which I observed he came prepared with the problematic AC parts. Before midnight strikes, my house air conditioning system was back to normal. Ever since then, Caloosa Cooling is heaven-sent, truly a life-saver!’

Steve T.

2.Pure Air


‘The manager, John, is a great officer of the day. Hardworking and I am impressed with his customer service ’

Michael T.

3. Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning


‘The price was budget-friendly, and they were flexible with their rescheduling system.’

Eloise W.

4. Certified Heating and Cooling


‘On time as promised. It started at 1 pm and out by 4 pm. They are well-organized in how they work. I  recommend them to my friends.’

Rolex R.

5. Ellsworth Heating & Cooling


‘Sales and services are well. Even though the company is young as compared with other companies, I considered them good enough.’

Johnny R.

6. ARS Rescue Rooter


‘I am loyal to this company for years. Has a lot of potentials to offer. ’

Cesar M.

7. Coolair Conditioning Inc.


‘Did a superb job and gave us good practical tips. Glad to know more about air conditioning benefits and its advantages.’

Fritz D.

8.Penguin Air Conditioning Service


‘Good service. Qualified and skillful technicians.’

John T.

9. Modern Services


‘I plan to have them be recommended to our company office for a job well done. They deliver well.’

Marcy H.

10. Broward Factory Service


‘Highly courteous and friendly staff. Likewise totally satisfied.’

Cristin J.

Caloosa Cooling is a Perfect Choice!

At Caloosa Cooling, keeping Southwest Florida customers comfortable with maximum energy efficiency is the goal of every heating and cooling service that Caloosa Cooling personnel are privileged to perform.

Superior craftsmanship, custom solutions, helpful heating, and cooling tips to maximize energy efficiency, home protection – all are included with your services.

Bringing the Best HVAC Services and Air Conditioning Repair in Fort Myers and Cape Coral.

They are an elite heating and air conditioning company dedicated to providing you with highly trained technicians, supreme designs, custom engineering, and complete installations for your new home or commercial space at our Air Condition Annual Maintenance Fort Myers, Air Condition Annual Maintenance Florida, and Air Condition Annual Maintenance Cape Coral.

Need chill? Contact Caloosa Cooling at 239-226-0202 today for cooling system services in Southwest Florida or visit their website at https://www.caloosacooling.com.