Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly

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The need for an emergency dentist in Coral Gables and Doral can often arise when you least expect it. Dr. Sonia Olivares at iSmile is here for you for all your dental needs in Coral Gables and Doral, including dental emergencies.

At iSmile with Dr. Sonia Olivares, we provide more than just exceptional general dentistry in Doral to Coral Gables and the surrounding areas. We also offer emergency dental services, to treat patients whose conditions are too severe. We understand that you don’t want to sit around in agony with a missing or loose tooth, or worse.

What is considered to be a dental emergency?

Severe Gum, Tooth, or Mouth Pain

A Loose or Knocked-Out Tooth

A Lost Filling

An Accident or Blow to the Head

What should you do in each of these dental emergencies?

For existing patients, we provide an emergency contact number so you can reach Dr. Sonia Olivares even faster.

Don’t delay during any dental emergency. Call iSmile with Dr. Sonia Olivares to to get help as soon as possible.

Your Emergency Care Dentist

We hope neither you nor your loved ones ever need to contact us for emergency dental care. We will be ready and willing to help if you do, however. You can reach Dr. Sonia Olivares at 305-620-8272. We’ll get you in touch with our dentistDr.Sonia Olivares, as soon as possible. We also encourage you to keep up your routine dental care and to wear athletic mouthguards during high-impact sports and exercise. These steps can go a long way toward preventing many potential dental emergencies.