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How come these people have white teeth? Why can’t I? What have I been eating that makes my teeth not so white, is it the food or the drinks? Is it expensive to make one’s teeth whiter? Does my insurance cover teeth whiten services? Probably you’re like most people who are asking these questions while reading teeth whitening products over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

We at iSmile of Dr. Sonia Olivares Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry encounter these dental questions about teeth staining and whitening services all the time.

We also provide comprehensive general dentistry designed for patients of all ages and at every stage of oral health. From routine check-ups to urgent care, Dr. Sonia Olivares offers convenient and affordable care to all who are living in Florida.

Here we share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about teeth staining and whitening to help you a step closer to make your teeth white and stain-free teeth:

What’s causing my teeth to stain?

There are various reasons why you have a discolored tooth which includes food, drinks, aging, stain-causing particles, or even smoking.

What type of foods can stain your teeth?

Most foods that are bright-colored or bold in color can stain your teeth which includes:

What drinks can cause teeth staining?

Like foods, bold color ones can cause teeth discoloration. Avoid consuming coffee, soda or carbonated drinks, sports beverages, tea, and even wine. Daily intake can darken your smile.

What should I do to prevent tooth staining?

There are several ways teeth staining can be prevented:

Does drinking tea stain your teeth?

Based on a study, teas can erode teeth enamels and can do make teeth stained (green, black, or even white teas).     

By now you know what are the causes of staining your teeth, and what to do about it. Next, possibly, you would be asking, what do you need to know about teeth whitening?   

iSmile Doral Professional Teeth Whitening in Florida. Whether you’re wanting teeth whitening for job prospects, a confidence boost, or simply a top-up on your natural color, state of the art teeth whitening is the right answer to put a bright smile on your face today.

Dr. Sonia Olivares is dedicated to bringing the newest technology in cosmetic dental treatments in Florida. We specialize in cosmetic and dentist teeth whitening.

How would I know if I need teeth whitening?

Visit your dentist and ask if they can recommend teeth whitening for you. Your dentist may do some routine check-up procedure before determining your best options.

Can I still have teeth whitening even if I have sensitive teeth?

Your dentist may recommend some solutions for your sensitive teeth before considering teeth whitening. While for some patients they can manage the sensitivity before making their teeth whiter. 

Coffee and tea are my favorite break-time drinks, do I need to stop drinking them so I can have whiter teeth?

Teeth whiteners may last longer as long as you try to avoid certain drinks or foods that can stain your teeth. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t consume them.

Does insurance cover teeth whiten procedures?

No, it does not cover. Most dental insurance does not cover teeth whitening services. 

teeth whitening

Now that you are armed and ready with the information about teeth whitening, by then you will be better able to prevent and protect your teeth against teeth staining. Visit Dr. Sonia Olivares to find out your best options to remove the stains from your teeth.    

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