Considering a Smile Design Consultation with Dr. Sonia Olivares? Here’s What to Expect!

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Have you ever wish in all your photographs taken you could have smiled with the group? Do you always find yourself feeling awkward smiling in group conversions and parties because of teeth concerns? Or simply put, you want to improve your smile.

These wishful thoughts to solve your socially-challenged lifestyle can now come to reality – by setting up a scheduled appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Doral and Coral Gables, Florida.

Dr. Sonia Olivares has extensive experience, expertise, and education in Cosmetic / Reconstructive Dentistry. She has completed intensive training from the prestigious Neuromuscular Institute of the United States, LVI (Las Vegas Institute), in Full Mouth Reconstruction and TMJ Treatment.

Here at iSmile Doral, we are changing lives throughout the country by creating healthy and beautiful smiles with our personalized smile design treatments.

Dr. Sonia Olivares and her team of dentists will analyze and determine which treatment, or combination of treatments, are suitable to give the results you want and as what you desire.

As no two customer’s needs are the same, it’s important to discuss your personal preference and desires for your smile before we can recommend any specific treatment.

Preparing for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

To prepare for your smile design consultation with Dr. Sonia Olivares, you may want to check and evaluate your overall dental condition by asking yourself such as:

What to expect during your smile design consultation in Coral Gables and Doral, FL?

When you make an appointment with our dental offices in Coral Gables and Doral, Florida you can tell us your smile design plans, and options for improving your smile. We would be happy to help you choose your desired plan where you’re comfortable with pursuing it. Dr. Sonia Olivares will undertake systematized steps starting by gathering data of your smile until the smile result that you want:  

Step 1: Data Gathering and Analysis

First, Dr. Sonia Olivares will require you to submit your photos, tooth impressions, and dynamic videos. She will then make an extensive analysis plan of your facial symmetry and natural smile based on the submitted profiles.

Step 2: Personalized Design

Next, Dr. Sonia Olivares will constructively and aesthetically design a new smile as on your tailored specific considerations (tooth height to width proportions, tooth length, and display at rest) and also relevant to your personality.

Step 3: Review and Approval

Lastly, our smile design plan is equipped with a temporary mockup placed in your mouth for your review. It is to let you see and feel the new smile. If you are unhappy and want improvement, we would gladly make adjustments to suit your specific needs. With your approval, we can begin the treatment/s comfortably, with great confidence knowing exactly what the result will be - a new smile for a new beginning.

Visualizing your new smile

Dr. Sonia Olivares together with her team of dental experts may suggest alternative options for your smile design treatment. We are equipped with the latest technologically advanced equipment to show the digital imaging of your new smile. Unlike other dental providers, we can do a temporary mockup placed on your mouth for you to think and feel your new smile.         

Additionally, Dr. Sonia Olivares’ smile design approach utilizes her mastery skills on porcelain veneers, making each patient’s smiles come to perfection. Personalized crafting each smile, she ensures each patient is greatly taken care of with the unique facial features of every individual.

With your full consideration and are ready to schedule your smile design consultation, contact our dental offices at iSmile Doral: 305-620-8272 and iSmile Coral Gables: 305-396-1026. For online consultation, you can check us out at

Smile Design in Florida offers several services :

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