After The Fire: How Smoke Damage Can Affect Your Business in Florida

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Fires can happen anywhere and at anytime. In the business setting, most commercial fires are caused by cooking, electrical, and heating equipment, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Commercial fires can be devastating for any business owner; aside from property damage and business downtime, another problem that has to be dealt with at the quickest possible time is the smoke and soot that is left behind.

Without immediate response to smoke damage from a professional fire damage restoration company in Florida like ServiceMaster by Wright, there can be a lasting aftermath that spans far beyond any damage visible on the surface. Learn about the negative effects of delayed smoke damage repair to your business in this article.

What Does Smoke Damage Do to My Facility?

There are five types of soot and smoke damage that could affect a property, namely: (1) dry smoke residue, (2) wet smoke residue, (3) protein residue, (4) fuel and oil residue, and (5) fire extinguisher residue. Each type comes with individual effects on your property and necessitates different methods for restoration, which are best carried out by professionals.

Regardless of the type of damage, within minutes soot can begin destroying your structure, which makes soot and smoke damage repair a time-sensitive process that needs professional intervention. If the damage is prolonged, smoke could permeate the building and result to the following:

Other negative effects of smoke damage:

Business Losses and Downtime

Commercial fires translate to downtime for most business owners and facility managers, and can be a large-scale problem if the damage done was widespread, which may take months to repair. Prolonged stoppage of business operations makes it difficult to recompense lost revenue, so an immediate call to a professional smoke repair service in Florida is necessary.

Health Risks

Most people do not know the health effects of soot and smoke damage. A fire-damaged facility may have to be tested for the presence of carbonaceous particles and other invisible irritants.

Soot is formed when smoke and other particles settle on surfaces. A few of the adverse reactions of long-term soot exposure include:

Things to Avoid Doing When Dealing With Smoke Damage in Florida

fire damage

What Should I Do After a Fire?

fire damage

After a fire incident, here is what a business owner should do:

1. File a smoke damage insurance claim with your company’s insurance provider. Get everything submitted on time by confirming any filing deadlines with your insurance agent.

2. Document the damage in detail and do not disturb the affected area. Taking photos and videos is recommended. Document all contact with the insurance company and make copies of everything (receipts, etc.).

3. Save undamaged items. Check the vicinity for any item in good condition to be taken somewhere safe in order to prevent it from getting damaged. The best option is to get professional content pack-out and cleaning services to secure the items until the restoration process is complete.

4. Make a list of the items that were lost or damaged in the fire, including the brand name, make, model, and/or a serial number of every piece (as applicable), its age and current condition, the price you paid for it (if the item was a gift, indicate that), as well as the replacement cost and the actual cash value of individual items. Non-restorable items, such as food or paper, need to be listed as well (put the name and quantity of the lost item, the year when it was purchased, and an estimate on its price).

3. Call a professional restoration company like ServiceMaster by Wright for commercial smoke damage and soot removal services. Severe losses can be mitigated with rapid response from the experts.

Mitigate Smoke Damage Fast With the Leading Commercial Fire Damage Repair Company in Southwest Florida

Smoke damage repair is a time-sensitive process. With nearly 40 years in the cleaning and restoration industry, the professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright are committed to the job every step of the way. Our commercial fire and smoke damage removal services include:

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