Boat Fire in Marco Island

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Back on February 17, 2012, a powerful boat explosion happened on the breakwaters in front of a building in Marco Island. ServiceMaster by Wright was called to the Dela Park Place condominiums in Marco Island.  The breeze drove smoke into the condominium units and onto the roof. Smoke and soot entered the air conditioning ducts and seeped into lanais. Residents were advised to shut off the air conditioning units and close windows and shutters. The residents were also advised not to stay at the units until air conditioning ducts were cleaned.

Soot and smoke damage restoration in Marco Island, FL is not for everyone.There is a special level of care and logistics needed, which comes from experience. The experts at ServiceMaster by Wright are leaders in fire damage restoration services in Marco Island, FLcontents cleaning, and fire damage repair in Marco Island, FL.

What We Did After The Fire Damage From A Boat Explosion

Things You Should Know About Soot and Smoke Dangers

You should know that a fire is a frightening experience for anyone involved, but if you think the dangers are over once the flames have been extinguished, you’re wrong. The black residue covering walls, ceilings, and furnishings is not only ugly and hard to clean, but it’s a health hazard.

After experiencing a devastating fire, you’re left to remove smoke damage spread throughout your home, but it is not fully advisable to do it on your own. You need help from the fire damage professionals, like ServiceMaster by Wright. In addition to putting off an unpleasant odor, soot residue can be hazardous, and soot and smoke damage have negative effects.

Risks of Smoke Damage:

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Although dealing with a disaster can be stressful, know that you’re not alone. The professionals at ServiceMaster by Wright are committed to being by your side every step of the way to get life back to normal. Our team is trained on the proper ways to restore your property after experiencing soot and smoke damage in Marco Island, FL. Get help now, Contact Us today.